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About KystTele

The purpose of KystTele’s operations and the infrastructure provided by the company is to stimulate broadband development, the telecom market and IT development in Northern Norway and thereby promote economic growth in the region.

KystTele was founded in 2005 and is owned by three of the largest electric utilities in Northern Norway.

KystTele build, operates and maintain the only open neutral fiber optic infrastructure between Northern and Southern Norway. The company is competition-neutral and provides a network that is open to all players on equal terms. KystTele does not provide active transmission equipment for our customers, however we provide passive optical multiplexers for short distance transmission for entrance level use. By providing equipment cabins with 48 V dc power available within reasonable regeneration distances and in the larger towns, KystTele`s aim is for the customers to supply their own transmission equipment.

Not being in competition with our customers, we are a true carrier’s carrier.


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